Gloria + Frank’s Wedding [Belmont Manor House, MD]

Gloria aka Glo & Frank’s wedding…FROever!

Another wedding that’s very personal to me and being dear friends with both of them.  Frank and I have known each other for a very long time, probably since ’96 or so and lost touch for awhile.  It wasn’t until few years ago, we were surprised to see each other at friend’s gathering and caught up with excitement, and at that moment I was introduced to Gloria.

Frank is probably one of the nicest and sincerest person I’m fortunate have to known for many years growing up.  He’s always had this charisma about him being very down to earth, witty, and caring for other people.  When I meet Gloria, I instantly knew why Frank and her connected by her charm, sweetness, and welcoming smile that made it very easy to get along with her.  Who would’ve thought many years later, they would be engaged and I was sought out to capture one of the most happiest moments of their lives.

The weather was extremely hot compared (98+ degrees) as to their extremely cold engagement (17 degrees), it’s almost as if these two had no middle ground. Their wedding however, was very intimate rather than being social having nothing but the closest friends and family witnessing the love these two have for each other on their special day.  I managed to catch up with a lot of old friends from the past, greeting fellow family member’s friends, and of course just having a blast sharing the excitement with Frank & Gloria being happy and comical throughout the entire day.  I can’t imagine anything  less for these two but happiness and prosperity for many years to come forth.

Gloria & Frank, I would like to personally thank you both for believing in my services, humbled to have been chosen for your special day, and honored for you two to fall back on these memories from what I was able to capture for you two.


Officiant: Rev/Pastor Ryan Kim | Venue: Belmont Manor & Historic | Park Catering: Rouge Fine Catering | Hair: Hairxjojo/Joanne ChungMake up: BeautybyAubrey/Aubrey Kaye Music: Lifetime Entertainment/DJ Ian Ali | Decor: Party by the Sea | Photo-booth: Lyfepix | Assistant Photography team: Anna Scott & Matt Ha




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Kristy + Marcus [Oxon Hill Manor, MD/DC]

Kristy & Marcus are flawless together and there’s a very funny story how I was surprised by who Kristy was.  I’ve known Marcus for years since ’95 (Dang, I feel old) being best of friends with my brother playing on the same soccer team. Years later, we managed to catch up in college between 2002-2004 or so hanging out with new friends such as Gideon, my brother, and many others until we lost as life went on.

2015 out of nowhere…I received a phone call from Marcus and here’s how the conversation went…

Marcus:  What’s up Martin hyung (hyung means in Korean formality for older brother/elder)!? How’ve you been?

Me:  What’s up Marcus, I’ve been good, what’s new!?

Marcus: I’m getting married man!

Me: What~ That’s awesome congrats bro! Who’s the special girl?

Marcus:  Well you remember Gideon right? I’m marrying his sister, Kristy.

Me: (…Gideon…sister?…Kristy? mind blown) wait…WHAT!? GIDEON HAS A SISTER!?  He never mentioned anything about having a sister throughout the years!  I thought he was the only child for years!

Marcus:  Yeah man, we hung out for so long and I found her LOL

When I meet Kristy, I immediately knew she was a very special one for Marcus.  Throughout the consultation I was just at awe that she’s Gideon’s sister as if she was the discovery of the ages.  She formally introduced herself with confidence, bubbly personality, down to earth, and very easy to talk to.  I can see why Marcus seemed so happy throughout the years.  I’m very happy for these two and I can’t even imagine how humble I am to have documented their wedding with many of the guests and family that I knew for many years, it almost seemed like a reunion.

The overall wedding turned out very beautiful.  The weather was hot but manageable, venue was absolutely stunning, and of course Kristy&Marcus looked so good in their wedding attire it seemed like a stylized session on pintrest.  The best part was that we were able to catch the ceremony/cocktail hour during sunset hours to bring out the best magical lighting available that made dreams coming true at that instant.

These two were so emotionally in love with each other from the words they expressed in their vows, to the tears dropped from their eyes, and love&support from their family and friends witnessing true love in it’s very existence that many others would want to find in their lives.

Marcus&Kristy, I’m so happy for you two and I wish you both many years of happiness and prosperity.  I’m very excited to see how much your love grows together writing new chapters of your lives from page to page.  I love you both.


Venue: Oxon Hill Manor | Coordinator: AJK Events (Angie Hilz) | Make-Up Artist: Jacqueline Gellner

Other vendor list will be updated soon.

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Kristy Nicole Cravens -

Ugh martin.. Marcus and I can’t express how much we are love with our pictures!! You did such an amazing/outstanding job capturing all of the best moments. The photos are better than we could have imagined, all thanks to your effort and hard work. Seriously cannot thank you enough!! Ps. I love the story you wrote. Pretty sure I’ve read it multiple times now lol ☺️

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Allison + Jacob’s Wedding [Celebrations at the Bay]

Their wedding was very simple and elegant with family and friends coming together witnessing the two tying the knot officially.  The overall day was beautiful along with the skies constantly changing in and out from brightness to shade, but best of all after the ceremony ended near sunset to capture the skies darkening and nothing but the golden highlight surrounding these two was unbelievable sight to see.  I also managed to run into some friends from high school as well and it almost seemed like a reunion and great to see how so many others are doing so well with their lives.

Allison & Jacob, I wish you both the best and I plan on seeing you two grow into this marriage with lots of happiness and of course, keeping in touch since we’re almost like family!


Venue: Celebrations At The Bay | DJ: Event Entertainment – DJ Steve Smelser | Florist: Petal Pushers Florist | Photo Booth: Video Express Productions, Inc. | Cake&Pasteries: Uptown Catering | Invitations: Paper in the Park | Wedding Planner/Coordinator: Celebrations At The Bay | Caterers: Uptown Catering | Videographer: Angie Myers | Wedding Dress & Accessories: Davids Bridal | Make-Up&Hair: Jillian Mullan | 2nd Photographer: Anna Scott Photography

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