Gloria + Frank’s Wedding [Belmont Manor House, MD]

Gloria aka Glo & Frank’s wedding…FROever!

Another wedding that’s very personal to me and being dear friends with both of them.  Frank and I have known each other for a very long time, probably since ’96 or so and lost touch for awhile.  It wasn’t until few years ago, we were surprised to see each other at friend’s gathering and caught up with excitement, and at that moment I was introduced to Gloria.

Frank is probably one of the nicest and sincerest person I’m fortunate have to known for many years growing up.  He’s always had this charisma about him being very down to earth, witty, and caring for other people.  When I meet Gloria, I instantly knew why Frank and her connected by her charm, sweetness, and welcoming smile that made it very easy to get along with her.  Who would’ve thought many years later, they would be engaged and I was sought out to capture one of the most happiest moments of their lives.

The weather was extremely hot compared (98+ degrees) as to their extremely cold engagement (17 degrees), it’s almost as if these two had no middle ground. Their wedding however, was very intimate rather than being social having nothing but the closest friends and family witnessing the love these two have for each other on their special day.  I managed to catch up with a lot of old friends from the past, greeting fellow family member’s friends, and of course just having a blast sharing the excitement with Frank & Gloria being happy and comical throughout the entire day.  I can’t imagine anything  less for these two but happiness and prosperity for many years to come forth.

Gloria & Frank, I would like to personally thank you both for believing in my services, humbled to have been chosen for your special day, and honored for you two to fall back on these memories from what I was able to capture for you two.


Officiant: Rev/Pastor Ryan Kim | Venue: Belmont Manor & Historic | Park Catering: Rouge Fine Catering | Hair: Hairxjojo/Joanne ChungMake up: BeautybyAubrey/Aubrey Kaye Music: Lifetime Entertainment/DJ Ian Ali | Decor: Party by the Sea | Photo-booth: Lyfepix | Assistant Photography team: Anna Scott & Matt Ha




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